Having helped successfully launch both bootstrapped and venture backed companies like Statsfeed, PubGears and Veritonic — I know first hand how difficult the early days of getting a company off the ground and through the many growth phases can be.

While building each of those companies — and through pretty much every phase:

  • We were constantly challenged to quickly and clearly communicate our quarterly goals to the team.
  • We often scrambled last minute to put our investor updates together.
  • We had to work tirelessly to keep the bigger picture on everyone's mind as they taclked the many day-to-day challenges that come with the startup life.

So as I began to prepare for launching my next company, I thought there must be a better way beyond rarely updated spreadsheets, endless email chains, & last minute custom keynote presentations to manage all of this.

Something that won't take me hours to put together and to communicate each month, and what I came up with is what you now find at fuzzypop.

A software-as-a-service platform built with just two core goals in mind.

  • Let software guide you through, and simplify, many of the core & important things founders often struggle to stay focused on — and communicate — throughout the early days of launching a company.
  • Have simple, low-friction, automated services that help hold you accountable.

I've been evolving — and personally using — the software as I build Dig Down Labs.

So I can say first hand it's been saving me tons of time and keeping me laser focused on my customers, business goals, & next steps — and I promise, if you give it a try it will help you on your startup journey as well!

Kevin Marshall
Founder, Dig Down Labs

P.S. As always, if you have questions, comments, or trouble with anything you find here or throuhgout your experience with fuzzypop please email me directly at info@falicon.com.