fuzzypop keeps you focused & accountable.

Building & growing a business is hard. There are many daily distractions & challenges. Lots of work to be done, lots of conversations to be had, and even more things to learn each day.

fuzzypop helps you stay oragnaized & focused on the most important parts of growing and running your business day-to-day.

How fuzzypop works

Answer questions, check in with progress, get guidance and share results.

Step 1: Answer Questions

We'll ask you specific questions — at specific stages throughout your business journey — to help you focus in on the most important challenges & goals of each stage.

Step 2: Check-in With Progress

We'll check-in with you — at a pace you set — to log your latest progress & help keep you focused, accountable, and on track for success.

Step 3: Get Guidance & Share Results

We'll use your answers — and your progress check-ins — to guide you to your next area of focus & help you report progress to your team, investors, advisors, and other interested parties.

About fuzzypop

The core idea of fuzzypop is to let the software guide you through — and simplify — many of the things founders struggle with on a daily basis.

In fact, we built fuzzypop to help us stay focused, organized, and to simplify our own lives as we built our company.

You can learn more about that journey, and the underlying decisions behind fuzzypop, in the about us section.

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