Your business dashboard.

Stay focused & up-to-date on the key metrics and most important parts of growing & running your business.

Our Features

We simplify the process of building & growing your business.

Track & Chart Financials

Get simple insight into your month-to-month core financials like cash-in-bank, monthly burn rate, and other key revenue metrics.

Stay On Goal & Focused

Quickly define your key goals using our guided setup features. Easily keep your progress on each of those goals update-to-date by simply interacting with us via text or email.

Simplify Communication

Send structured, informative, updates with the just a few clicks.

No more spending hours compiling and organizing key information for each communication!

Track & Improve Your Marketing

Track your marketing progress and costs over time as well as generate new & unique markeing ideas for your business.

Power Up Your Network

Identify and get help on connecting with the kind of people who can help drastically improve your bottom line.

Take Control

Customize how and at what frequency you interact with fuzzypop so you can always stay focused on the things that important to building your business!

About fuzzypop

We built fuzzypop to help us stay focused, organized, and to simplify our own lives. You can learn more about that journey, and the underlying decisions behind fuzzypop, in the about us section.

But the core idea of fuzzypop is to let the software guide you through — and simplify — many of the things founders struggle with on a daily basis.

Our Pricing

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